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Understanding Migraine : Cure without Medicine

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Most people think a very severe headache is called a migraine. But it's not so. There's a very subtle difference between the two. So, the question arises what exactly is migraine?

Let us answer this basic question simply.

A migraine is not simply a pounding head

It is not just a throbbing head, but a combination of several things.

  1. A Headache, can be on one or both sides of the head

  2. Blurred vision

  3. Sensitivity to light, sound and certain smells

  4. Vomiting, Nausea and Vertigo

  5. Tingling sensation in the fingers

If you are showing all or at least two of these symptoms, apart from the Headache, then it's a migraine. If not, just a regular headache.

Blurred vision is a symptom of Migraine

A migraine has a time span of 1 to 1.5 days. Meaning, it vanishes by itself after 1.5 days, whether you take a pill or not. But, if the root cause of migraine is not tackled, it may return again and again and can continue up to months, maybe years.

Most people take pills and medication to get rid of it, but do not pay attention to the root cause, which means it never goes away and hence, the medicine never ends. Sometimes, it reaches the point where the medicine stops working and nothing seems to be a solution to the constant pain.

No solution to the pain and No respite from the meds

Now, the question arises as to the root cause of Migraine. It develops due to constant stress and tension, which is a given in our everyday life. However, another important but lesser known reason for frequent migraine pain is incorrect posture, involuntary tightness in neck muscles and sometimes existing cervical problems.

In these pandemic times, most of us are working from home and rarely pay attention to our posture and continue to work for long hours taking a toll on our back, spine and neck area. Hence, the migraine.

Incorrect posture is a major cause of Migraine

As for the treatment of Migraine without medication, one of the best ways is to go through with a Cranial Therapy session. It is a specialized branch of Osteopathy relating to disorders of the brain and the spine. Its applications range from treating a minor headache to treating depression and has even produced magical results in treatment of children with special needs.

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Cranial Therapy - Releasing Tension from nerves

If done properly, the results can be seen in just 1 session only. A person can even be completely cured in a single session if the problem is not too severe.

The technique is not too well known in India, but quite popular in countries like Canada and USA. Dr. Amit Kumar in Gurugram, Haryana is one of the few doctors who practice Osteopathy in India. Having about 12 years' experience in the field, he is known to have cured people who were sick for so long that they had lost hope for ever being healthy again.

I will take up osteopathy and cranial therapy in detail in another post.

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Amit Kumar (Osteopath, certified Chiropractor and Physiotherapist) and written by Gitanjali Dass


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